LinuxDay 2019

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Yesterday was a great start for all future LinuxDays in Carinthia/Austria!

Franz Theisen from RedHat Austria together with Reiner Rabensteiner from HTL-Villach and Mario Kleinsasser from STRABAG SE managed to reboot the OpenSource & Linux Community in our small country. They put in a lot of effort to turn the idea of a LinuxDay in Carinthia to reality by creating a website, calling out for CFP's, organizing the location, putting together a program for the day / getting in contact with other companies and trying to motivate the pupils of the HTL Villach.

There were many cool talks and workshops which you really missed if you haven't been there and you also missed the opportunity to talk with nice and experienced people about cool projects like Docker / OpenStreetMap / Ansible / OpenShift / KiCAD / Puppet / …

For me it was a great day to get back in contact with my old school and with cool and motivated people! I tried to capture the day in some fotos and help where help was needed but was a little sad, that there were only 3 people @ my “Puppet Basics” workshop… But I'm still motivated for future LinuxDays and will definitely fill out a CFP for the next one!

I hope to see you there the next time! :)

Posted on: Sat, 18 May 2019 21:39:06 +0200 by Bernhard Rausch
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