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In February 2018 I will give my first official talk at the DevOps Gathering 2018 at Bochum Germany. Now I would like to write some lines about why I am doing it and I would also like to suggest you this conference to attend to. And now, here comes the story.

Peter Rossbach is one of the founders of the bee42 gmbh and the bee42 gmbh is one of the conference organizers. Bernhard and I know Peter since ten years now. He is one of the people who you met and never forget. We did a lot of work together for our Apache Tomcat installations at work in the past and therefore we always discussed a lot of things beside the work. One of this things was Docker, back then it was 2013. 2013 it was way to early for us to jump on the Docker container train. We already had container (OpenVZ) on premise which we implemented with Kir Kolyshkin.

We tried Docker on a regular yearly basis the next years but there was too much, which was not working as we need it to use it in production. After some years have passed this way, we started a new try this year. And yes, we managed it to reach the point where things began to run smooth. This year we did a lot for our developers, our company, our customers and ourselfs (the Ops) and Docker was our enabler. Therefore my talk is called Docker: Ops unleashed.

But now, for me, it is time to give something back - back to the community! And therefore I've decided to give a talk, to share our experience and to share what the motivation could be to make a change. I am going to do this on my own, privately. At the moment it is winter and together with my colleague we founded a Docker Meetup in south Austria and I am proud to be now allowed to call myself "Docker Community Leader". But there was more. The Docker Con EU 17 was really great. We met a lot of great people and got a lot of insights!

Why I always wrote “we”? We, because you are probably lost without a team and a team is more than the sum of the individual skills. If you have someone to share your thoughts with, you can go even further! You might be motivated to give a talk for example.

Finally, if you can manage it to come to the [DevOps Gathering 2018]( at Bochum Germany please come! It will be a great conference and I am sure, there will be a great audience too. And maybe we can meet us there!

Have a lot of fun!


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