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TALK | connect2019 Job fair (19. November 2019)

Together with my colleagues from the software department and the human resources department we were at the connect2019 job fair at the university of Klagenfurt. As last year we also gave an impulse talk. This year we covered all topics of digitalization, software development and IT topics in general. A lot of people come by at our booth after the talk and they were really impressed that STRABAG is also a huge technology company.

ARTICLE | JAXenter | Podman: Container ohne Daemon und Root-Rechte (18. November 2019)

A new article of mine is online! Thanks to Dominik Mohilo from for supporting me. The collaboration was very nice as always. The article itself covers two main topics of Podman: daemon-less and root-less operation. I think this are two important features for the future even if Podman is still a little bit bulky at the moment.

ARTICLE | ENTWICKLER-MAGAZIN | Macht der Einsatz von Kubernetes wirklch immer Sinn?

I’ve got the opportunity from the Magazin to write an article for their Kubernetes Special issue which will be available from mid-May. You can find the sample of my article here. The article is written in German language. This was a really interesting experience!

Have fun reading it!

Link to article is here.

TALK | C4: Continuous Culture Change Challenges (@DevOps Gathering 2019)

In less than a year we have managed to change our working culture from throwing information over the great wall between Dev and Ops to a failure tolerant, management accepted honored culture. We have enabled colleagues to unleash their bygone forgotten strengths.

We can show you how to create a cultural change from bottom up even in a large enterprise.

Furthermore we have proven that even in a conservative environment where no one believes in it, like in construction businesses, a cultural change from the inside of the IT department can happen.

Doing a change bottom up is a hard task. We have gone this way and we can show you that it is possible to reach the goal, how you are able to achieve it and that it’s worth it. It is a real life story - no glossy brochure, no marketing magic, just unvarnished trueness. We did it and you can do it too. Just do it. Eppur si muove!

YouTube Link of the recording is here.

TALK | GitOps: DevOps in real Life. (@Vienna DevOps & Security Meetup)

Container-Technologien in einem On-Premises Umfeld einzuführen bringt viele Veränderungen mit sich. Besonders die Evolution in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Teams, sowie der ständige Wandel und die Weiterentwicklung der Technologien, führen zu immer neuen Herausforderungen aber auch zu immer neuen, kreativen und innovativen Lösungen.

Seit dem Beginn der Veränderungen vor zwei Jahren haben wir uns ständig verbessert und die GitOps Methode eingeführt. Viele dieser Entwicklungen finden häufig in Public Clouds statt, stehen jedoch ebenso On-Premises zur Verfügung. Dass der Einsatz dieser Technologien On-Premises möglich ist und ausgezeichnet funktioniert, werde ich in meinem Talk zeigen. Special Guests: GitLab, Puppet, Prometheus, Elastic, Docker, CoreDNS, Kubernetes und viele mehr :)

Link to the Meetup Page is here

TALK | Docker: DevOps Unleashed. (@DevOps Gathering 2018)

In my talk I will give you a brief description about what we are doing in the Ops department and why it is hard to manage thousands of servers with three persons although we are currently using containers based on OpenVZ.

The “I have no time daemon” leads the Ops into a situation where they are working like beasts but in the end they feel like as they are trapped in quicksand. Ops are trying to escape this trap, but the harder they try, the more they will be trapped. The time consuming roll out of new servers, the management of them and the continuous pop up of new applications will lock them down. The solution to solve this situation is to use Docker. But Docker is hard to manage on-premise. You will need to have a lot of knowhow and you will have to persuade the developers where their benefits will be if they use Docker. During a short online demo I will show you how such an on-premise translation looks like in real live to unleash the power of your ops. Afterwards I will close my talk with a conclusion and lookout on what is just in front of our ship’s bow.

YouTube Link of the recording is here.

SpeakerDeck presentation can be found here.

MEETUP | Docker Meetup South Austria #1

This was our first Docker Meetup in South Austria. Read more here.

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