ACS – Run SQL Scripts – Saving result data to .csv and other

In my last post about ACS I mentioned that it is the first real suitable version for developers. Now I want to share another nice to know…

While IBM support tells us how to Save Result Data to .csv or .xls Files Using Run SQL Scripts in iSeries Navigator, in ACS the feature is grayed out.

Just add these two lines to file to enable save results:

ACS – First suitable version for developement and end-user

When ACS (IBM i Access Client Solutions) in version introduced additional support to restrict functions using Application Administration. (See also May Dawn’s post) I felt happy to get a real tool to limit the usage of ACS functions for end-user.
We do no longer scare 🙂 about end-user being able to find the file and enabling all components by commenting (See GettingStarted Guide).

ACS Version and Applications Administration restiction message
ACS Version – restrict functions in Application Administration and new Database management features like Schema

But together with the new features like Schema – Database management interface – and some improvements in Run SQL Scripts we were able to provide a real alternative to Windows 10  users which had to use slow IBM Navigator for i web tools so far (to be supported).